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Welcome to Aaress
Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1958

Commercial Establishment means any premises wherein, any business, trade or profession is carried on for profit, and includes journalistic or printing establishment and premises in which business of consultancy services, banking, insurance, stocks and share, brokerage or produce exchange is carried on or which is used as hotel, restaurant, boarding or eating-house, theatre, cinemas or other place of public entertainment or any other place which the Government may declare, by Notification in the Official Gazette, to be a commercial establishment for the purpose of this Act.

Registration of Establishment
Within the period specified in subsection (3), the employer of every establishment shall send to the prescribed authority concerned a statement in the prescribed form [accompanied by such fee as may be prescribed ].

Note:- In Delhi no Registration is required

Services offered
(1) Preparation of Overtime Muster Roll for Exempted workers in form 10.

(2) Preparation of Damages register in form 11.

(3) Preparation of Fine register in form 1.

(4) Preparation of fine register in form B.

(5) Preparation of Adult workers register.

(6) Preparation of Accident register

(7) Preparation of Attendance register in form 26 (5) etc